Anyone that has ever had their vehicle break down on them knows what a helpless feeling that is.  Owning cattle and horses, adds responsibility in terms of driving. We have to have trucks and trailers capable of handling what we need to pull. Late night trips home from rodeos and  sale barns  is a part of life. When our trucks break down and we’re loaded things get complicated.

Stranded on the side of the road leaves us needing help. We no longer can go on our own, but now we have to call somebody to help us. We can’t just call anyone. While most people are blessed with transportation, not everyone owns a vehicle that can hook up to our trailers to get the horses or cattle back home. We have to call someone that has the equipment to handle our load and that person has to be willing. When we are broke down at night and see headlights coming after the call is made we are hopeful and anxious for help to arrive and each passing car that is not for us lets us down.

At God’s Country Cowboy Church we know we have been broke down on our own. We worship the one true Jesus and  know He is the one that can handle the call when we make it. Jesus can pull our load, so we don’t have to anymore. He is the one coming for you. Why – because He loves you and He already knows you have gotten to where you are on your own. When you make the call to him, immediately the lights come over the hill. Jesus is ready..all we have to do is make the call.


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