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I really hope this drought is over. I pray that the pattern of rough winters and extremely dry summers are wrong. I read an article today that estimated agriculture losses to be at least $1.6 billion. It has taken its toll on us in Leflore County whether you’re involved in agriculture or not.

Most cattle owners have a plan to endure the drought. We may not have realized it before now, but we do. As grass supply shrank we were forced to examine our cattle very closely, to identify our best producers, and sell the rest. This principle is referred to as de-stocking and you can’t pick up any agriculture publication without seeing it mentioned. It has been tough for the cowman, but we can see better times ahead.

As my walk with Christ strengthens, I have seen the need to de-stock my personal life also. If we get real honest we have lots of things in our lives that are draining us. We need to identify what is producing spiritual fruits in our lives and get rid of the rest. Jesus spoke of this principle in Luke 13: 6-9. We are already stressed enough, take out what takes away from God in your life and see what He replaces it with!

10/5/2012 01:27:26

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