Last week we talked about waiting on the Lord, and how we are keeping our calves longer than normal. This week checking cattle and feeding the calves had me thinking again.

When we feed the calves in the evening there is always one calf, the same one every day, that won’t come in the lot to eat. Maybe it gets pushed around by the others, maybe it doesn’t like being closed in, it could be several things, but it is missing out.

While the calf misses out on the groceries that the others get, it is also not growing and gaining like the others are. When you look at them all together you can see how much smaller it is than the rest and they were all born about the same time.

When we stay away from church, we are missing out. I know there are lots of reasons for not going to church, and many of them are for good reasons. Hebrews 10:25 talks about “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together”, Paul was talking about getting together to worship and learn, but to be honest that doesn’t have to mean in a building.  The church is a group of believers, a body of Christ. Paul meant for us to gather together, worship and learn more about a returning savior – Jesus. We invite you to gather with us at God’s Country Cowboy Church. We don’t always gather in a building, and when we do it is in a barn. We hope to see you sometime, at our worship times, or at one the many arena and outdoor activities that we have planned for this year

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