One thing that most solid Christian people agree on is that our country has become too liberal. If you were to say that statement from a pulpit on Sunday morning you assuredly would receive many “amens”.

Present day Christians would label themselves “conservative” most of the time and I agree with that.  I find we as a group take that word just a little too far.  Some folks live in the fear of being too liberal, it limits them on what they say and do. The rock throwing back and forth between the liberals and conservatives would slow down if the church became more liberal. Let’s find out how;

In 2 Corinthians 9: 6-15, Paul talks about our giving. He is not just talking about money or tithing here, he is talking about giving in general. Paul says God loves a cheerful giver. Paul goes on to say in verse 13 that doing this helps us meet our own needs and glorify God by our liberal sharing to all men.

The power to change our communities and country lies in our hands. Followers of Jesus need to stand up and freely start giving an encouraging word, showing up to help our neighbors when they need something, and loving in ways that is bigger than ourselves. We all have something to give.  For some it is time, for some it’s money, but we all should be giving the good news of Jesus more liberally to everyone.

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